Content Change Ideas

Admissions Homepage:


  • Your team has five counselors with specific territories. Using your site, setup introductions to the counselor corresponding with website visitors from their territory. Katie’s territory is the Pacific Northwest. When a visitor lands on the admissions page, they’ll see a targeted welcome message from her as well as a place to sign-up for an admission’s interview.


  • Sending counselors to college fairs? In addition to sending emails and direct mail to prospects in your pool, communicate with all new and returning website visitors based on their geography. A prospective student from Chicago navigates to the admission’s homepage from the athletics site. With GeoFli, you can let anyone from Illinois know there will be an admissions' representative at the Chicago NACAC in three weeks!

University Homepage:

  • The one-stop shop just added some new rooms. The university homepage is the most popular starting point for geotargeting because it gets the most traffic, and often tries to be everything to everybody.


  • Use enrollment data to feature programs by location. Students from New York historically apply to programs at your university dealing the geosciences? Feature those programs on the homepage with a clear call-to-action “Request Information about the Geosciences.”


  • Feature student testimonials of students from specific geotargeted areas. A parent of a prospective student in Oregon visits your website and sees a testimonial of a student that grew up in Portland and now attends your university.

International Recruitment:

  • Language is powerful. Using geotargeting, enrollment offices can connect in more ways than one. A student from Japan visits the international recruitment page. That student will see the call-to-action “Apply Now” in Japanese.


  • A student from Germany visits the exact same page and sees a call-to-action to “Apply Now” in German.

Alumni Relations:

  • Adding the alumni relations page to your section of content can yield great results. What is the goal of your campaign? Increase attendance at alumni gatherings?


  • Using geotargeting, you can create a campaign on the alumni homepage targeting a 100 mile radius of Kansas City promoting “Attend our Kanasas City Alumni Reception. RSVP Online.”