Front End Developer

GeoFli is searching for a driven professional with a strong technical background to join our growing startup in the front-end development role. The front end developer role will have a significant impact on the success of GeoFli and beyond. This position will have a high level of input and feedback with the founding team and ample opportunity to learn and grow in the position. This position should be confident taking a good user-experience and making it remarkable. This position can bring a designer’s concept to the web with HTML, CSS and Javascript. This position can label elements in Google Tag Manager.

This position will contribute some back-end expertise helping to create seamless API functionality for reporting and integrating third party applications to the GeoFli dashboard. This position may also be responsible for helping field customer support tickets. This position will help identify the problem, deliver a solution and communicate the root of the error to our CTO.

We’re looking for the type of person that has built something remarkable online (website, large audience or application) and worked to help it grow. If you understand what it means to work efficiently and effectively as part of a team, understands the value of customer success, and are all about being part of a startup company, you should definitely apply.

Type: Contract Professional:

Who: GeoFli is a SaaS (software as a service) company located right here Missoula, MT. We offer a startup atmosphere and an all-hands-on-deck attitude. Hours are flexible, team lunches and GeoFli sponsored softball team games are weekly occurrences. We work hard to grow and build remarkable product and customer success and we take our work seriously (see bottom of job description for previous intern testimonials).

What: GeoFli allows anyone to change and replace website content based on visitor location. Someone visiting your website from NY will see something different than someone visiting from California. We were ranked one of Montana’s top five startups to watch in 2016. We work with colleges like the University of Oregon and Colorado State University. We work with e-commerce companies, subscription box companies, software companies and brick-and-mortar companies.

Why: GeoFli exists because online marketing is noisy, disruptive and loud. We believe marketing should be relevant, elegant and concise. We’re betting against pop-ups and follow-you-everywhere type advertising. 25% of internet users (and growing) use ad-blockers. Click-through-rates on display ads are pathetic. When a website uses GeoFli, the user doesn’t know the content is personalized for them: it just feels relevant.

Required Soft Skills:

  • Experience supporting customers.
  • Ability to creatively problem solve technical problems. Ability to work productively autonomously and meet goals.
  • Comfortable and confident working in a fast-pace environment.
  • Someone that looks at problems differently and generates new ideas to help grow the business.
  • Able to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.
  • Comfortable talking with customers on the phone, video chat, and in person.

Required Technical Qualifications:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS/Sass

Preferred Technical Qualifications:

  • PHP and/or Laravel experience
  • Relational Database Experience
  • Photoshop
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Vagrant

Example Day-in-the-Life:

You’re working on implementing a new feature or improving the existing infrastructure. You’re working in JavaScript to improve performance of a component.

You see a support email come in the University of Oregon is testing out some of the newest features and running into problems. They may need to be coached over the phone on best practices, they may need you to use Chrome inspector to figure out a CSS selector or they might just need confirmation that they’ve set things up correctly. You get them fixed up and you’re back in to JavaScript Land.

After a while you switch gears and work on improving how call to action buttons are placed on the page. After working with negative margins for an hour your brain hurts and you set that down to do some research on the best way to build a Chrome plugin that allows customers to see how their website looks for a particular region.

Future Projects and Opportunities:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • Targeting via UTM & other indicators
  • We’re constantly building new features and refactoring code to improve efficiency & usability.


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Here's what previous employees and contractors say about working at GeoFli:

These guys are outstanding to work with. Their custom GeoTargeting tools for landing pages are insanely handy and create a ton of opportunity for businesses to engage their audience. Highly recommended team!

- Claire

"Working as an intern for GeoFli was exactly what I needed going into my last year as an undergrad at the University of Montana. I was able to gain valuable hands-on experience in digital marketing, which is something I'm very interested in pursuing as a career. Kyle and Nick are always willing to work with my chaotic schedule. I am super appreciative of everything I learned. I strongly recommend this internship to anyone who is motivated to get a jump start in their marketing career before they graduate."

- Kayleen

“Working with GeoFli has grown our state outreach without having to put bodies in the area selling our product. They are on the cutting edge of digital marketing and are always providing ideas and promotions which they can execute through GeoFli. Geofli has really helped propel and target sales leading to smarter advertising dollars.”

- Alex