The Challenge

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. Now imagine you’re a prospective student in the midst of their college search.  

Where do you start? What differentiates the education program at the University of New Mexico from the education program at Montana State University Northern?


The Solution

At GeoFli, we believe in Marketing that focuses on your unfair advantage.

What can you offer that nobody else can? What’s your promise to a new student? To a new staff or faculty member? To a recent graduate jumping head-first into the job market?


See GeoFli in Action: Click Video Below.


The GeoFli Difference

Our refusal to specialize in one area of marketing has led to a firm understanding and experience in all facets of higher education promotion from persona building to lead generation.

We don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and building campaigns, but we want to deliver a long-term value and we’ll make sure our work does exactly that.

Our unique experience combining advanced online marketing campaigns with enrollment management strategy gives us an unfair advantage. We’ve lived it. We’ve been behind the table at a college fair. We’ve stuffed envelopes and we’ve walked backwards giving countless college tours. 

Why We Exist

A Higher Purpose

We’re not just a marketing software company.

We’re changing the way marketing works. We’re making the internet a more welcoming place and helping colleges and universities personalize the entire journey from discovery to enrolled student.  

We Believe In

Non-intrusive advertising and a personalized experience.

It’s why when we take a project on, there’s no script, no template and no set-it-and-forget it tool. We roll up the sleeves and put together a highly personalized marketing plan.


What We Won’t Do


We won't intentionally try to use buzz-words to make your eyes gloss over. For too long, having an online presence meant buying online ads and watching website traffic increase without knowing too much else. We won't recommend experiments we've seen fail over and over again. 


What We Will Do


We will craft GeoFli campaigns that tell a specific story to a specific audience so you through each interaction a prospective student has with your university. We believe great online marketing is about architecture.


Our Process

Getting Started with GeoFli Services

Step 1

Ten Ideas Document + Approval

In this step, GeoFli takes data from Facebook Insights to develop a persona. We send ten GeoFli ideas to your team. Choose the ones you like and we get stated with an action plan.

Step 2

Make it live + On-Campus Visit

We hit the pavement with approval from the ideas document and begin work in sandbox mode. We help with creative, content, and technical support building your GeoFli campaigns. During this stage, we will make a site visit.

Step 3

Creative Cohorts: Expanding GeoFli Value

Prospective Students
It’s time to get personalized. We know there’s a lot of noise in the marketing world: we hope to provide clarity. Now that we have a solid understanding of the ideal prospective student, it’s time to get the MSU Northern message in front of the right audience. We’ll help drive traffic to the admissions website from your target locations using simple online advertising strategies.

How to connect Alumni with the current marketing efforts and increase awareness and discovery . Communicate what the university is doing at the local and personalized level.

International Students

Looking to increase international enrollment? Personalize the college search by surfacing TOEFL information, international student spotlights and utilize translation services.


Step 4

Next Steps and Recommendations

We're moving full-speed ahead and providing air support for existing campaigns. By this time, our goal is to have a well-oiled personalization machine up and running just in time for the busy recruitment season.


Launch Date: GeoFli can start on Monday, July 10.

Project Timeframe

GeoFli will work with client on a month-to-month basis.

Recognizing this is a short time-frame, we believe we can work
to complete the deliverables in time for the recruitment season this fall. 

Week 1 & 2

Idea documents and approval.

Week 3

Complete campaign set-up and on-campus site-visit.

Week 4

Next steps: online marketing and acquisition campaigns driving highly targeted traffic to GeoFlied website.