Job Title: Photography Maven

Primary: GeoFli is looking for an expert in the field of photographer (or a talented up-and-comer) to help with taking lifestyle photographs of a local business. We'd be looking for 

Compensation: Based on experience

The contract photographer position is designed for the individual looking to increase their portfolio with a big-name local company by producing top quality lifestyle photos. The photographer will be responsible for creating producing photos and editing them to look remarkable. We'd be looking for landscape shots of Billings from the Rim, city shots, and shots shots of life in Billings and also life in this company. We have a photo guide we could share.  

  • Experience with lifestyle shots and branding. 
  • Experience working with clients to exceed goals and expectations.
  • Experience producing marketing focused photos for companies. 
  • Experience taking photo ideas and bringing them to life. 
  • Ability to meet deadlines and execute efficiently. 

About GeoFli:

GeoFli allows anyone to change and replace website content based on visitor location. Someone visiting your website from NY will see something different than someone visiting from California. We were ranked one of Montana’s top five startups to watch in 2016 and a finalist in the statewide Montana startup challenge. The growth and continued progress of GeoFli is powered by a lean mentality to get the job done and keep a laser focus on what matters.

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