Time is valuable. Changing hundreds or thousands of headlines to correspond with personalized regions takes a lot of your time. That's why we have a bulk uploading feature. With GeoFli's bulk uploader, it's easy to take an idea that may seem like a huge undertaking and tackle it head on. Replace images based on zip-codes, substitute products based on time-zone and feature different testimonials to correspond with counties. All of this with the click of a button ... and a CSV. 

Is there a way for us to upload 100’s of regions and 100’s of headlines at the same time?
— GeoFlier with great ideas.

When should I use the upload feature?

You have a lot of geotargeting ideas. Put them to work! Uploading empowers you to test website headlines, image replacement and personalized messages across thousands of locations with the click of a button. If you’re thinking about personalizing to a large number of regions, bulk upload might be for you!

  • Greet your visitors from thousands of regions in the world “Hey there, Brooklyn!”

  • Feature 100’s of programs or products based on region popularity. “Brookly, we think you’ll like our summer lineup of NYC inspired shades.”

  • Use images from your library to correspond with thousands of uploaded regions. Brooklyn website visitors see an image of concerts in NYC. Chicago visitors see an image of concerts in the Windy City. Upload as many images and locations as you can imagine.