Geotargeting 101 for College Admissions

Why Geotargeting?  According to Noel Levitz (consulting firm for higher education enrollment managers) university marketing and admission’s offices spend $2,500 dollars to recruit one enrolled [...]

Instagram Marketing: Collegiate Edition

Instagram has grown to over 600 million monthly users, 90 percent of [...]

5 Marketing Tools for the Auto Industry

Here we discuss some of the current obstacles for automobile industry marketers and a group of tools designed to make it easier. These tools are MailChimp, Wistia, GeoFli, Typeform, and [...]

19 of the Best Admissions Websites

There are more than 3,000 universities in the United [...]

Improve Your Destination Website

Improve Your Destination Website Personalization + Location = Improved Online Conversions

Five Ways to Personalize Destination Marketing

Tourism is big business. With unlimited options for leisure vacations to adventure excursions, surfacing relevant content to website visitors looking for their next destination is critical. [...]

Personalize Your Website: Online Business Edition

With the growing number of business operating solely online through do-it-yourself e-commerce platforms, the importance of online marketing and strategic targeting is more important now than [...]

Ten Ways to Personalize the Admissions Website

Admissions marketing and recruitment is constantly evolving. From college fairs to conversions, the number of spinning plates can seem endless. This article aims to highlight strategies in [...]

Ten Website Personalization Ideas: Business Edition

GeoFli for business focuses on ten ideas to implement without committees or software overhaul. From surfacing products based on historical purchasing data to simply featuring location specific [...]

International Admissions’ Most Valuable Marketing Tool: The Website

Take a look at what happens when Pinterest decides to think locally instead of globally. Watch a video on website personalization on an international admission's homepage and submit your [...]

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