Five Ways to Personalize Destination Marketing

<p>Tourism is big business. With unlimited options for leisure vacations to adventure excursions, surfacing relevant content to website visitors looking for their next destination is critical. This article provides five simple ways to personalize website content for marketing and communications professionals responsible for increasing out-of-state visitors and boosting overall tourism activity. &nbsp;</p>

Does your marketing team segment email and direct mail based on prospective traveler location? This video explains how your team can easily change and replace website content based on visitor location.

Personalize Content for Travel and Tourism Websites

A strong website is the single most impactful piece of marketing for your Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). Your home page trumps any publication, display ad or Instagram post. It needs to be a unique entertaining experience filled with resources to differentiate your city and drive new visitors.Today, it's possible to change and replace website content based on geographic location. This means a website visitor from New York landing on your existing homepage will see something different than a website visitor from Texas landing on the same site. As the ability to engage website visitors improves with on-page segmenting capabilities, organizations that are able to capitalize with relevant content will lead the way for customer experience in the future of marketing. Increase time on site, decrease bounce rate and improve the conversion for your website goals using GeoFli's content replacement tool.

  1. Easily personalize experience for website visitors from different locations
  2. Use social data to better understand out-of-market visitors
  3. Feature location-specific testimonials
  4. Show how easy it is to travel there
  5. Appeal to like-minded or experience seeking travelers.

1. Personalize the website experience for your existing homepage

Your website is the first impression. This isn't news to you. Now, the same way your team segments email marketing in-state and out-of-state or by demographic, you can segment your homepage. See the example below.

In this example, you can see the same homepage displaying content specific to Colorado and Boston. A quick, easy, and personable change that reaches the visitor instantly.

2. Use social data to better understand out-of-market visitors

Using solutions like Google Analytics, you can easily see what experiences out-of-market visitors associate with your city. From there, you can use GeoFli to feature content relevant to the social data in those targeted areas.

3. Feature location-specific testimonials

By featuring testimonials based on visitors location, you're creating a relatable user experience which is prime when it comes down to making a decision. A ski aficionado visiting a ski town from Colorado most likely will not relate to someone visiting from Hawaii and learning to ski. Surfacing relatable testimonials to a geographic region will help prospective visitors feel connected and shine light on ways your city is similar and/or better than back home. The quote below shows what a website visitor from Boston would see when visiting the visit Idaho website.

“When I flew into Boise, it was the first time I’d been eye level with the Rocky Mountains. All I knew were the skyscrapers of Boston.”

-Trevor, Quincy, MA

4. Show how easy it is to get there

Vacations are relaxing. Getting to the destination is anything but. If people know how easily they can get to your city, they will be more likely to visit. Expand your geotargeted campaigns with GeoFli by providing information to visitors from your main flight markets.

Why stick with a generic one-size-fits-all website when you could create a niche-focused website that speaks to everyone’s individual passions? We help you do that by taking the data and acting on it.

5. Continue The Digital Marketing Story

If you're currently advertising to select markets (remember, all good marketers segment), then you likely have some specific messaging in display ads, AdWords text and Facebook ads. Content replacement tools like GeoFli allow you to take the Boston or Chicago display ads and bring users to your homepage to show Boston or Chicago content. It's fast, it's easy, and it matters. We've found conversion rates can double on GeoFli pages versus non-GeoFlied pages.

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