Easily Geofence Your Website: Change Content Based on Location

<p>Geotargeting doesn't have to be hard. In this blog we cover certain aspects of building a geotargeting strategy and show you how to use GeoFli's custom draw tool.</p>

Geofencing Content Is King

For decades, the status quo reigned supreme: one-size-fits all when it came to website content.Now, the same way marketers brilliantly segment email marketing campaigns and ad-sets in Facebook ads, so too can marketers now segment their homepage.The place where all of their ad dollars send traffic. It’s now easier than ever to reach your audience with exceptional specificity. You just have to know where your audience is physically and digitally. Choosing the best traction channelsfor your content, and personalizing your message by geotargeting are the two best methods to combat the inefficiency of the traditional advertisement.

Traction Channels

Traction channels are the places where your message can be seen or heard

Traction makes achieving growth possible as a start-up. According to Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares, focusing your time and efforts equally into product and customer acquisition is the best way to create demand for your product and position your company for long term growth. Traction channels are the places where you meet your audience: blogs, podcasts, social media, email, viral marketing, public relations. Different age groups, sexes, and ethnographics use different channels, so your consumer data best directs the channel strategy.


Personalization by geotargeting matters because we tend to live in similar areas based on those same criteria that drive us to use different channels. Determining a geotargeting strategy is simple, like targeting a neighborhood in a large city for a direct mail campaign. It’s also incredibly technical, like using IP targeting to personalize a message for attendees of a specific conference. For a while, few tools existed that made this level of accuracy accessible. But as geographic location technologies grew more powerful,the barrier to entry was lowered.

Geotargeting made accessible

Many social media and email marketing platforms developed their own geotargeting capabilities. But personal blogs, websites, and landing pages? Those require external tools. And with the need for external tools comes the need for internal strategy. Determining who you plan to target and how you plan to implement your geofence and content strategy are the crucial first steps. Connecting your customer personas to your geotargeting strategy ensures your message stays coherent and relevant.What used to be a tool only accessible to programmers and marketers is now available to everyone. Geotargeting software makes implementing a geotargeting strategy simple and increasingly specific, and access to data makes it easier to analyze the success of your strategy. In choosing whether to use radius targeting, regional targeting, or custom geofencing, you just need to keep your geotargeting strategy in mind. Where are you trying to send your message? Who do you want to see it? The right choice is all about the specificity of your message and the goal you set for it. When it comes to maximizing your website as a traction channel, personalizing content by geotargeting is a powerful asset.

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