What is geotargeting?

Geographic Advantage Geotargeting is taking what most admissions officers know about their prospect pool and putting it to use in a space that matters most: the website. Unbeknownst to many, [...]

How do I install GeoFli on my Squarespace site?

If you’d like to install GeoFli using Google Tag Manager, please read this article. If you’re still committed to installing GeoFli directly into your Squarespace site, check out the [...]

How do I create a page area manually using a CSS selector?

Begin by navigating over the element of your website that you’d like to define in GeoFli. Right-click and select “Inspect Element”. Right click in the Inspector over the [...]

How do I add a user to a GeoFli account?

Step One: When you’re ready to add a user to GeoFli, we try to make it simple. To add a user, simply head to your account settings. Step Two: On the left hand navigation, select “Team [...]

How do I add a geographic target?

With GeoFli, we can customize content based on visitor location in three basic ways. Selecting a region can be done using surgical precision or drawn using loose interpretations. Regions can be [...]

How can I implement GeoFli using Google Tag Manager?

GeoFli is super simple to implement for the average user on an average day (or even a stressful day). But “hard coding” the GeoFli script into your website can be made even easier [...]

What type of service can I expect?

We’ve built a culture of remarkable service. With a perfect 5/5 stars on every review website and a Net Promoter Score averaging 9.8 out of 10, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

What’s the Startup/Local Plan?

GeoFli started on a dining room table. The startup plan is designed for newer companies in growth mode looking to gain a competitive advantage. The local plan is designed for small business [...]

What happens immediately after activating my GeoFli account?

First, congratulations. Next, we hold our first coaching session giving you a personalized (starting to see the theme here?) tour of the application and build your first campaign. We’ll [...]

How much does GeoFli cost?

For info on pricing, check out our pricing page! We also build custom plans for startups and businesses with under 5,000 website visitors per month.

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