Increasing Online Conversion Rates with Personalization

We hear a lot from marketers about how activities like personalization, retargeting, and geotargeting constantly increase online conversion rates, but until you know effective ways to use these tools they won’t have the impact you and your business require. Whether your website receives 100 visitors a day or 10,000, conversion rates are the metrics you can use to judge your company’s success regardless of size. Using tools to optimize your conversion rates should be easy, because you know what conversions matter most to your business.

Different Softwares, Different Goals

No two conversion optimization softwares are built the same. Establishing what pain points your company needs to address to increase your online conversion rates is the easiest way to determine the specific type of software you need. Going further and researching each company for extra amenities in terms of services or customer support is how you zero in on the perfect tool for you. There are hundreds of different online conversions. And individual companies all have conversion rates selected as their key performance indicators. With that knowledge it should be easy to match your conversion rates to a software that specializes in addressing those conversion rates. The next step is not so crystal clear: what are some actual ways you can optimize your website for conversions?

Run Area Specific Offers

Having multiple locations can make it a struggle to promote deals and sales specific to individual stores. Using IP targeting and a content replacement tool, it’s easy to personalize a part of your website to display the information specific to the offer. This process is particularly effective because it can increase conversion rates both online and at brick and mortar locations!

Create Location Specific Text or Images

Just a touch of personalization goes a very long way towards increasing online conversion rates. Targeting with IP address, you can personalize images and text on your homepage and make location-specific references that speak more directly to customers in the area you’re targeting. You can display your commitment to a community, or simply just relay a specific message to the area.

Personalize CTA Buttons

Sometimes, CTA buttons seem like the most overhyped conversion rate optimization tool, espoused and lauded by marketers around the globe. Now, it’s true that they are effective, but at some point, they lose their punch, and personalization can change that in a heartbeat. By simply changing the text or color on a button to represent the customer’s location, you can increase their likelihood of purchasing, submitting their information, signing up for your newsletter, or whatever the goal of your button is.

Deliver Announcements and Alerts

Depending on the nature of your business, it might be necessary to inform your customers about announcements specific to their area that have an impact on your bottom line or operations. If an incident or weather is forcing you to keep your doors closed, using your website to inform your customers can help to show your customers that you care. You could also alert people in a specific location about an item or variety of items that you have low inventory of, or even being recalled.

Cut To the Chase

If you’re predominantly an eCommerce company, IP targeting and personalization can be most effective when used to minimize work for the customer visiting your website. Instead of the usual maze of menus, submenus, and random pages, you can direct incoming customers to the pages most relevant to them. This process increases time on site, online sales, form fills, and works to help you communicate more efficiently with your customers, no matter where they are. Don’t let the dozens, possibly hundreds of tools, performance indicators, softwares, and marketing agencies scare you away from conversion rate optimization. It’s an incredibly efficient way to optimize your website. Just take some time to consider what needs you have, and find the right tool to address those needs. Then, it’s just a simple matter of coming up with conversion optimization strategies, and putting them into action.

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