Top 5 Things Found on All Awesome Admissions Websites

The goal of a university’s admissions website is to help students learn about the school and encourage them to hit “apply.” Ultimately, schools hope that their admissions website can help [...]

Geotargeting 101 for College Admissions

Why Geotargeting?  According to Noel Levitz (consulting firm for higher education enrollment managers) university marketing and admission’s offices spend $2,500 dollars to recruit one enrolled [...]

19 of the Best Admissions Websites

There are more than 3,000 universities in the United [...]

Why Implement Location-Specific Website Content On Your Admissions Page

Providing a relevant website experience is taking the place of intrusion, interruption and pop-ups. Display ads have less than a 1% click-through-rate and an even worse conversion rate. [...]

Ten Ways to Personalize the Admissions Website

Admissions marketing and recruitment is constantly evolving. From college fairs to conversions, the number of spinning plates can seem endless. This article aims to highlight strategies in [...]

Location Targeting With Email Marketing

Great website personalization doesn't happen overnight. Let's look at the evolution of great email marketing culminating with website personalization. Measure the metrics that matter to track [...]

International Admissions’ Most Valuable Marketing Tool: The Website

Take a look at what happens when Pinterest decides to think locally instead of globally. Watch a video on website personalization on an international admission's homepage and submit your [...]

Geotargeting for Colleges and Universities

This post shows five ways colleges and universities can use geotargeting to improve recruitment efforts. Take a look at online advertising placement, website personalization and historical [...]

Personalize Your Homepage Based on Location

This article shows a couple potential uses for geotargeting and content replacement using GeoFli. Using a website about holiday cookies and [...]

Increase Website Inquiries With One Form For Higher Ed

In this post, we look at taking the standard admission's email address ( and making it one of your highest producing lead generators. Adding a simple form and [...]

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