What is IP Targeting Software?

<p>Exploring the ins and outs of IP targeting. In this post we cover both the "why bother?" and "how-to" of IP targeting.</p>

It's the most important tool in personalizing the customer experience.

The era of blanketing the digital world with one, generalized ad campaign is over. With ad fatigue and the use of ad ad blockers at an all-time high, personalized content reigns supreme and IP targeting software is helping websites personalize content in a meaningful way.It’s impossible to talk about IP targeting without getting a little technical (believe it or not, the marketing world is as full of jargon as a college biology class). So put your glasses on, chug that mug of coffee and let’s get nerdy.

What is IP Targeting?

In laymen’s terms, IP address marketing is using IP addresses to identify where someone is visiting your website from.[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://geofli.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/30-second-youtube-ad.mp4"][/video]

Let’s break that down.

First of all, an IP address is the string of numbers assigned to your internet connection by your Internet Service Provider, that’d be Comcast, Charter Spectrum, AT&T and so on. Every single person connected to the internet has an IP address, which stays static. Websites need to know your IP address, as they are a vital component in allowing us all to get online.With an IP address, you can tell the specific location of where the person is from (or where their wireless router is from, anyway).Tapping into your users IP addresses is a powerful tool for businesses. It allows marketers to create a unique experience for their consumers based on location. And as marketers always say, location, location, location (or is that realtors?).

How does it work?

Due to U.S privacy laws, which prohibits people from matching IP addresses to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and the fact that people don’t know their IP addresses off the top of their head (or at all), finding IP addresses can be a strenuous task.However, there are IP mapping systems that can allow businesses to match IP addresses to other personal information (addresses, for example) and companies like GeoFli that can help speed that process along.If you decide you want to speak to a certain group of people directly, say, people who live within ten miles of your business, their IP addresses can be found and every time they log onto your website they will see your personalization campaign. With IP targeting, you can segment your audience anyway that you see fit, anywhere from zeroing in on a single business, to an entire state or region.

How is it used?

Alright, now that the technical speak is out of the way, let’s get into the benefits of using IP targeting software.

IP targeting allows businesses to create a personal experience for their users, like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with potential clients. This intimate experience results in longer time-on-site.It also cuts down on the waste of delivering the wrong message to the right people or the right message to the wrong people. For example, say you sell sunglasses online. You would have a different message for those looking to buy sunglasses in sunny San Diego than those living in small town Montana in December. For the former, you’d want messaging and photographs involving beaches and with the latter, you’d want snow. With IP targeting, you can assure when someone lands on your website from San Diego they are looking at pictures of beaches and not receiving messages about cross country skiing.IP targeting works well for reaching business clients as well, as businesses usually share one IP address among all its computers in a network. (This same feature can distort location, however, as those who work on business computers remotely will look as if they are in the location of the main office). By tailoring your messaging to one potential client you are increasing the chances they’ll be interested in what you have to offer.Now that you have good idea about the technology behind website personalization (and can impress your marketing friends to boot) you can get to creating unique, specific content for your customers (that’s the fun part).Need ideas on how to get started? Check out our article on 25 Ways to Use GeoFli.

Happy planning! Want to learn more about IP targeting or website personalization? See GeoFli on Your Existing Website.

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