Personalize Web Content Based on Location, Persona and Demographic.

Your website: Personalized. 

Personalize Your Messaging

Relevant content replacement helps users engage faster.

Accurate Geotargeting

Select content replacement by state, region, zip-code or custom drawn geofence.

Launch in Minutes

GeoFli works seamlessly with your current website and CMS.

Personalized Content displaying on a mobile website. 10 best city escapes for New Yorkers.

Metrics That Matter

Custom reporting the conversions and metrics that matter most.

Campaign & Goal Tracking

Set goals for your accounts and link specific content changes to track your progress.

Multiple Users

Invite as many users as you like at no additional cost.

Personalize your messaging

Show people content relevant to their lives.

Declutter your visitor’s content experience.
GeoFli makes it simple to give your first time visitor an elegant experience.

Unlimited Content Changes.

Edit Headers

Change your main message to connect quicker with your visitor.


Manage the link paths you present.


Geographically relevant images improve engagement.


Add or subtract buttons to promote different CTAs.

Body Copy

Edit entire sections of copy anywhere on the page.


Rearrange the layout of content to match your campaign goals.

Geotarget your CTAs

Add content instead of simply replacing your existing content.

GeoFli gives websites the ability to add buttons on top of existing websites that surface if, and only if, the visitor is from the specified area.


Generic content homepage


Different header plus added button.

Accurate Geotargeting

Target visitors by state

When you select a specific state anyone from that state will see your unique personalized content. Visitors from anywhere else will see your existing site as it appears today.

geotargeting software
website personalization software

Narrow down by county

Narrow down your accuracy by selecting counties from our nation wide map.

  • Retail businesses
  • Service industry

Radius Targeting

Create your own region. GeoFli your website for any visitor within a 10, 25, 50 or 100-mile radius of any city anywhere in the world.

Instagram Marketing for Colleges

Custom draw a geofence

Draw a geofenced polygon to target your perfect audience. GeoFli content for any visitor from an IP address within that polygon.

  • University campuses
  • Convention centers
  • Neighborhood demographics
  • High traffic locations like airports

Advanced Targeting

Bulk upload IP addresses, zip-codes and more! Ask about our custom build targeting options.
Contact us about advanced possibilities for your brand.

Launch in minutes

Go Live in 5 Easy Steps

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes.
We provide more than just software.
Discover how we help you achieve your marketing goals beyond sign up. More


    It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up.


    We align your goals with campaign ideas


    Choose from 5 different location categories


    Choose elements on your page to geotarget


    Go live and watch the conversion rates climb

Compatible with your existing website

Works on any website including sites built on CMS platforms. Compatible with:

  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Cascade
  • Weebly
  • Custom Builds
  • Cratejoy
  • Many more

CSS customization options

Our CSS selector allows any user to create more advanced changes.

Metrics that matter

Geotarget with Google

Connect your Google Analytics to your GeoFli account to discover user trends. Taking that data, you’re able to tailor your messaging to engage those visitors.

Watch this video showcasing an example of how a website can use Google to determine their content goals.


Create campaigns & track progress

GeoFli allows you to tie content changes to specific marketing goals such as generating Facebook leads, as you can see in the video.

You’ll know exactly which changes made the most impact while controlling your marketing strategies.

GeoFli Marker

Create a better experience for your visitors.