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Contact us about our custom plans for startups and businesses with under 5,000 website visitors per month. We also work with agencies.


We provide more than just software. Hire our team of marketing experts to help deliver qualified traffic to your website.

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Access the entire GeoFli platform. Save valuable time with your personal GeoFli Specialist. Enterprise plans are always custom to deliver everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Custom Solutions for Big Targeting Jobs

Unlimited GeoFli Pages, access to all targeting features, and your own Personalization Specialist.


Access to all premium personalization tools, full onboarding support and triple the actualization allowance of the starter package.


Elegant Solutions: Value Based Pricing

Up to 5 GeoFlied pages, full access to all targeting features, full access to reporting suite.


New to geotargeting and content replacement? Our Essential subscription is everything you need to easily improve website performance.

 GeoFli Five Star Software + Five Star Service. 

Up to 3 GeoFlied pages. Full access to all location-based targeting features to target anywhere in the world.

GeoFli is the leading personalization software on the market. Built with hard work and a commitment to client success, our growth is 100% fueled by happy customers.

Start Up Packages

Does your website get less than 5,000 website visitors a month but you’d love to convert those visitors at a higher rate?

You may be eligible for our startup package that includes an introduction to increase website conversions and full onboarding support.

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Agency Partnerships

We partner with agencies across the country and around the world to deliver the most accurate and sophisticated IP targeting and personalization strategies for their clients. Interested in hearing about our partnerships?

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All plans include

GeoFli Advanced IP Targeting

Change content based on city, state, or zip code, or use our custom geofencing tool.

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Analytics Integrations

Integrate your GeoFli campaigns with Google Analytics. Wow your team with impactful reports.

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Full Onboard Support

We help get your campaigns live day one. No steep learning curve.

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Personalization Suite

Full access to our easy-to-use personalization tools like our page area selector and location-based targeting features.

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Money back guarantee

Full refund after 30 days.
Subscribe, get campaigns up and running, test GeoFli for 30 days.

If you don’t see a change in website performance and are unimpressed with our service, we’ll refund your subscription.

What our customers think

  • "GeoFli delivers an excellent product paired with a detail-oriented team. Their accessibility and commitment to you makes working with them an absolute delight."

    Allison Corbyn Big Sky Economic Development
  • Since The University of Oregon started working with GeoFli, it has been nothing but a positive experience. The success team is responsive to any questions we have and available when we need them.

    Cyrus Nichols University of Oregon
  • These guys are outstanding to work with. Their custom GeoTargeting tools for landing pages are insanely handy and create a ton of opportunity for businesses to engage their audience. Highly recommended team!

    Claire GeoFli Designer
  • "Working with GeoFli has grown our state outreach without having to put bodies in the area selling our product. The software and the company has really helped propel and target sales leading to smarter advertising dollars."

    Luke Anderson UPTOP
  • "Working with the team at GeoFli, we saw an immediate impact in website performance and increased revenue. They are on the cutting edge of digital marketing and are always providing ideas and promotions which they can execute."

    Alex Verlanic Three V Enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3-3-3 Service?

When purchasing any subscription with GeoFli, our team sprints into action using the key pages on your existing website to design your first three regions and personalize at least three page areas.

We’ll host a coaching session in the first month and you’ll be on your way to personalization perfection. Though we start with three regions, every GeoFli plan includes the ability to target as many regions as makes sense for your business.


I get it. But where should I start?

Start with low hanging fruit: regions that you’re hoping to grow. Regions with unique value propositions. State-based testimonials.


This sounds amazing, but I don’t have the time to manage it.

The average GeoFli campaign takes less than ten minutes to set up. In most cases, once the GeoFlied content is crafted and the campaign is live, you can schedule for when you’d like the campaign to turn off. Set it and forget it!


How do I know GeoFli is working?

You’ll see how many visitors came to your site from each region, and more importantly, what they did once they got there.

Did we mention GeoFlied pages see a 30% increase in time-on-site? GeoFli’s Analytics Dashboard integrates directly with your existing Google Analytics account.

Don’t have a Google Analytics? Fear not, GeoFli sends status updates on metrics like actualizations, clicks on personalized content, and user sessions.

I am a small company and not sure which plan to buy.

We also build custom plans for startups and businesses with under 5,000 website visitors per month. Contact us to learn more.


What happens immediately after activating my GeoFli account?

First, congratulations. Next, we hold our first coaching session giving you a personalized (starting to see the theme here?) tour of the application and build your first campaign.

Oh, and we’ll help you to invite contributors, draw custom regions and turn your existing website into a geotargeted masterpiece!


What’s the Startup/Local Plan?

GeoFli started on a dining room table. The Startup plan is designed for newer companies in growth mode looking to gain a competitive advantage.

The Local plan is designed for a small business looking to localize their content for one region, and display different messaging for everywhere else.


What type of service can I expect?

We’ve built a culture of remarkable service. With a perfect 5/5 stars on every review website and a Net Promoter Score averaging 9.8 out of 10, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

I have more questions.

Discover more answers in our FAQ section 

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