GeoFli lives on top of your existing website like a transparent shield from mediocrity. 

GeoFli helps businesses create meaningful, not generic, content for their visitors.

GeoFli lives transparently on top of your existing website. Using a combination of IP address and latitude-longitude coordinates, GeoFli’s advanced behind-the-scenes technology increases the accuracy of your geotargeted campaigns.


Engage Visitors Faster.

Surface relevant content.
Personalize based on location.

What is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting Refers to the practice of delivering different content to a website user based on their geographic location. Geotargeting can be used to target website visitors through paid or organic search.
What Is Geotargeting; Points on a map

Tailoring your visitor’s experience improves engagement.

This is especially true if your services or products rely on geographic relevance.

Deliver different messages to your most valued customer segments.

Watch how listening to your data helps informs decisions about your marketing.


Declutter your content experience.

Show people content relevant to their location. 

When you select specific locations, anyone from that area will see your unique personalized content. Visitors from everywhere else will see your existing site as it appears today.

GeoFli allows you to change one, two, or all the areas of page content from headlines to imagery. Add content that doesn’t exist elsewhere such as call-to-action buttons or promotions.

Geotargeted Personalized Website

Location specific content increases conversion.

Tell your California visitors something different than your New York customers.

GeoFli lets you segment your audience and target based on location in four different ways. 
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  • U.S. State
  • U.S. County
  • Zip Code
  • International

Powerfully Simple. Powerfully Sophisticated.

No coding needed.

GeoFli is a point-and-click service built so that anyone, regardless of technical ability, can improve the performance of their existing website.

Go Live in 5 Easy Steps


    It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up.


    We align your goals with campaign ideas.


    Choose from 4 different location categories.


    Choose elements on your page to geotarget.


    Go live and watch the conversion rates climb!

Custom launch services

Getting started is simple.

When you activate a GeoFli subscription, our team sprints into action using our 3-3-3 service.

We help launch three regions, three pages and three content areas in our first session (30 minutes). In addition, we host coaching sessions to get you on your way to personalization perfection.

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