Replace Website Content Based on Visitor Location.

GeoFli is the simplest way to personalize your website.


How Does it Work?

Powerfully Simple
Website visitors from NY see different messaging than website visitors from CA.

Accurate Geotargeting
Replace content for visitors from specific states, regions and zip-codes.

Launch in Minutes
GeoFli works seamlessly with your current website. Yeah, we like saving time.

Metrics That Matter
Connect Google Analytics to your GeoFli campaigns in a few seconds.  

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Advanced Location Targeting

A customer or prospective student visits your homepage. Using advanced IP lookup software combined with GeoFli's custom software, you can deliver different messages to your most valued customer segments.

Five Steps To Website Personalization

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.

Website Personalization

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What Happens Next?

GeoFli Content Replacement

When The Audience Awards uses GeoFli, 
conversion rates improve.

How to improve website conversions

The Audience Awards hosts hundreds of video-contests for creatives, influencers and filmmakers around the world, but the homepage was delivering one-size fits all messaging. Visitors would have to navigate to find the contests relevant to them.

See how we changed their web experience.

A lot of our contests feature regionally specific messaging. With GeoFli, we can replace existing website content right on our homepage based on filmmaker location.
— Paige Williams, CEO