Adding a Geographic Region:



We understand time is thin in the world of higher education offices. Accounts can include three geographic regions or three-hundred. Remember that it starts with one. Start broad and zoom-out your geographic regions.

Selecting a region can be drawn using surgeon precision or drawn using loose interpretations. Regions can be as large or as small as your target audience warrants. It helps to think about regions the same way an admission’s office thinks about enrollment territories.


Create a region using the state of California. Nursing schools are impacted in California leaving high school graduates with little options after high school graduation without spending two years on a wait-list. Feature the nursing program on your homepage to anyone visiting from California.

New England:

Create a geographic region using the states of New England. Your college offers geological studies and is set near the Rocky Mountains. Anyone visiting from the New England region sees images of a recent field study in Yellowstone National Park and a video of a Rhodes Scholar professor talking about their recent research.


Heading to Denver for a college fair, trade-show or to meet with prospective students in your inquiry pool? Create a region that includes the Denver-metro area. Now, anyone from the Denver-metro area visiting your website will be made aware of your arrival.

International: View our post about personalizing your international website


Video Transcript:

This video introduces creating and drawing a region using GeoFli. Using a simple point and click method, your first step is deciding your target area. This answers the question, what region am I going to change content for? We’re going to choose Florida because we have a recruiter attending the Miami college fair in three weeks. 

After typing your region, a green drawing tool will illuminate. Click to gain drawing controls. Now you’re in the driver’s seat. The first click is most important. This determines where your region begins. It might take some practice, so don’t worry if you need to cancel and begin drawing again.

Click to set your first point and continue clicking to create your region. Close your region by double clicking on the last point you wish to draw or clicking on your very first point. 

Custom Regions:

Are you sending users down a navigation rabbit hole? Clean up recruiter territories while personalizing the college search by building custom regions. Here, Jessica is an admission’s counselor with territory in the heartland. Now, when someone visits the admission’s page from anywhere in that location, they can talk to Jessica and find out when she’ll be in their area without navigating to seven different pages. 

Here's an example of a custom geographic targeting using GeoFli.

Focused Regions:
No region too small for GeoFli. We’ve built regions around top-feeder high schools and zip codes to customize messages about scholarships. If you can draw it on the map, it can be a region. Here we’re drawing a parameter around Chicago. 

Editing a screen:
After you’ve drawn your region, you may think, shoot, I wish I could change that. Well you can, locate the button the edit button. Now, you’re ready to move any point. Trying to include Long Island in your map of the Northeast? Simple.