Thousands of Regional Contests. One Website.

The Audience Awards is a community of filmmakers, creatives and influencers competing for big money in video contests. Many of these contests are specific to a geographic region. Los Angeles, for example, is hosting a video contest called "Capturing LA." A short film capturing the best that LA has to offer.

With GeoFli, we’re able to target visitors from a specific area. When they visit our site we direct them to the video contest specific to their region. It’s a win win for us and our users!”
— Robin Kendall, Director of Business Development, Audience Awards

Using GeoFli Their Website Conversion Rates Improved

The Problem: One-Size Fits All

Website visitors were having a hard time finding relevant information and video contests.
The Audience Awards hosts hundreds of video-contests for creatives, influencers and filmmakers around the world, but the homepage was delivering one-size fits all messaging. Visitors would have to navigate to find the contests relevant to them.

The Solution: Geotargeting

Using GeoFli, The Audience Awards was able to display contests based on geographic location. 
A user from NY saw the NY focused video contests. They were able to surface relevant contests to some regions, and hiding irrelevant contests for others.

GeoFli worked closely with The Audience Awards in a few different ways:

Digital Strategy

With close to 70,000 community members (and growing rapidly), GeoFli immediately set up three important Google Goals to help answer the question: what action do we want website visitors to take?

Personalized Website Content

With so many active contests, it was easy to get in the weeds. Selecting content that could be better served regionally was key to improving success metrics built in step one. When someone visits the site from Colorado, we want them seeing the Colorado contest front-and-center. A website visitor to The Audience Awards from California should see the FUNDMYFILM contest or the Los Angeles specific contest. 

GeoFli + Online Marketing

Using The Audience Awards' existing digital marketing campaigns, GeoFli was able to personalize the destination url experience. For example: a Facebook ad targeting filmmakers in Colorado drives anyone that clicks the ad to a personalized page made possible using GeoFli (see below).

A lot of our contests feature regionally specific messaging. With GeoFli, we can replace existing website content right on our homepage based on filmmaker location.
— Paige Williams, CEO

Before GeoFli

Original Homepage 

One-Size Fits All message

The original homepage had a generic greeting to visitors. 
With a goal of increased contest-entries and personalizing the video-contest entry experience, The Audience Awards subscribed to GeoFli. 


After GeoFli

Customized By State

Surface relavent content

Now, website visitors from California were greeted with specific instructions and a personalized message for entering active contests.

website personalization

Easily Change location and message

When Colorado ran a state-specific campaign, The Audience Awards was easily able to customize the message for any web-visitor form Colorado. 


Select Messages Based On Zip Code
Or Draw A Custom Region


hyper-targeted messages

A Los Angeles centered contest for Sammy's Camera hosted by The Audience Awards meant website visitors from LA received a personalized invitation to enter.

The map on the right shows the states selected in the location library. Website visitors from these locations will see personalized content. Everyone else still sees the default homepage. Build as many regions as you want!


Here's another view in gallery form
of the simple but impactful GeoFlied changes.