Getting Started with GeoFli - Start to Finish

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Getting Started

Getting started with GeoFli takes just four easy steps.

1. Selecting A Page

Pick a page any page! Well, not any page. Before selecting a page you want to ask yourself a couple questions:

1. What is the goal of setting up a geographic targeting campaign?

2. Who will this campaign be targeting? Prospective students? Alumni? International students?

3. What does a successful campaign look like? Longer time-on-site? Increased conversion rates? Lower bounce rates?

Your journey to launching a GeoFli campaign begins with selecting a page on your website to target. Now that you know how to make that decision and have selected a page, we're going to target our audience by building a region in GeoFli.

2. Defining Page Areas

The goal of defining page areas is to select the elements of your website you'd like to change content for. This could be a header, a block of text, an image, a link, and more. Use the blue selector (over the Barnaby University logo, below) to choose the element you'd like to define. Name the page area appropriately (ex: "Logo") and click "Save".

3. Target Your Audience

The goal here is to target a specific audience based on geographic location, an IP Range, or using URL parameters in digital marketing campaigns.

Decide how you'd like to define your region. If you'd like to target a state within the continental U.S., use our Location LIbrary. If you'd like to target a radial area around a city or zip code, define your region with Radius Targeting. For specific regions, like New England, or international locations, like Europe, South Africa, or even Alaska and Hawaii, draw the region with Custom Drawing.

Save your content. Now that you've selected a page and defined a region to direct your content towards, you're ready to make a content change! Here are some ideas to get you started on content changes.

4. Adding Content

This is the final step in personalized content creation with GeoFli. Below is the form that you'll see when you're ready to make content changes. Here you can select from the locations you've set up to GeoFli, the page areas you've defined, and even campaigns you've set up.

Don't forget to appropriately describe your new image content with alt-text, to maintain ADA accessibility!

Don't forget to appropriately describe your new image content with alt-text, to maintain ADA accessibility!

And just like that, you've made a content change for the first time!

Let us know if you have any further questions, or need more assistance.