Product Roadmap - What's Next for GeoFli?


Call to Action Buttons:

The ability, for the first time, to be able to add content instead of simply replacing your existing content. You'll have the ability to add buttons on top of existing websites that surface if, and only if, the visitor is from the specified area. 



and after!

and after!


The ability to personalize video based on visitor location is on our product roadmap for 3.0. Think about video introductions, personalized screencasts, and location-specific product features: all based on location of the website visitor. This could be really cool for design consultations.

Preview Before Activating:

This feature allows anyone to preview their change before the content is live.

Content Replacement Engine:

URL Parameters and IP Ranges - With a range of IP addresses to manually enter, we can personalize content for that specific range.


Improved Location Library:

Currently, we are 95% accurate at the city level. We're constantly improving that number.

Analytics and Reporting:

1. Custom Google Analytics Charting

2. Custom Google Analaytics Date Ranges


Ability to pause campaigns.

Advanced Reporting of impressions:

We're rolling out some more advanced reporting features that should make it very clear what's working and what isn't.